Ocean Singing



Encounter Conditions

Only if you don't already have Ocean Song active and do have Etheric, Slags Poisoning, or Ocean Sight active. (Can you get it if you have Fae Sight?)


(With an Etheric or Slags Poisoning active)

You hear an eerie music off in the distance. Far away, among the dark water of the lake, a fishlike creature sings a mournful song.

What on earth it might mean… you're not sure, but it does remind you to look a little more closely at the world around you.

You've gained 10 energy of Ocean Song.

(With Ocean Sight active)

You hear a familiar, but still haunting, song in the distance. It fills your being with memories of the ancient seas and far-off places.

You catch a momentary glimpse of a city, hidden beneath the cold water of the lake.

You've gained 25 energy of Ocean Song.

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