Also known as "Attack", this is a Novos hacking attack type. This can be used to remove defenders and allow access to more routines in a site.

In-game description:

Damage or destroy opposing data


2 Crash Script
Drone Overwrite (only on specific systems)
Forge Blade (or more with Hardening)
Hologame Flurry
Lantern Bomb
Musical Amplification
Offboard Attack
Spun Chaos (25% chance)
Tactical Tracer
Tactile Strike
Wideband Assault
1 Brute Strike
Midgard Cleaner
Security Update (only after another Offense)
Fractal Assault (bonus Offense for each function after it)
Waiting Lash (+1 when 2nd or later)
1 Reforged Sword (if first function in batch is Offense)

Modulated Amplification can give +Attack if Attack was previously used - unknown exact amount.
Hologame Communication can give +Attack if you don't have Holographic Overwrite.

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