Unlocked when you get the Oldtown Quest


Choosing the apartments gives:

Oldtown Apartments
These apartments look nice enough, at least from the outside. But the building as a whole requires a key for entry.


Patrols are pretty constant through Oldtown and they don't seem to appreciate anyone loitering, so you end up moving around more than resting.

You regain 10 hit points!

Or, if you've bought something from Lattes! today:

You find yourself a seat at Lattes! The staff seems to recognize you bought something already, so nobody hassles you, even when you nod off in the chair.

You regain 20 hit points!

Initial visit

See Metros.


When visiting here before the Oldtown Quest was completed:

In Progress
Oldtown is currently being implemented. The quest cannot currently be completed, so if you'd rather do it all in one go, you can reset and tackle Oldtown when it's done.

Old messages before the buildings opened:

OmniTech Cybernetics (Aug 20-25, 2015)
This building looks far newer than the rest of the neighborhood, probably built up as part of the construction lot next door. In any case, it isn't open yet.

Construction Site (Aug 20-Sep 3, 2015)
It looks like construction on a new building is going to start here soon… although the giant fragments of old foundation spell a disaster in the making.

Midgard Records (Aug 20-Sep 25, 2015)
This facility should be hopping with activity, but is closed down for some reason… probably off-site training or the like.

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