Omega Order


Image omegacircuit.jpg
Type Utility System

Responses to Functions

Function Message U Result
Offense You crash the system, but something else picks up behind it. You have a moment to think "dead man's switch" before a bass hum fills the complex. Moments later, you're forced to disconnect as the console starts sparking.

You're not entirely sure how you ended up slumped over the console, face-down in a pool of your own blood. Regardless of that, the console is trashed.

After a quick reboot, your electronics seem okay. Apparently not even Midgard is crazy enough to set off EMPs inside the city.

The entire complex is in bad shape, though, having gone to emergency lighting. The smell of smoke and blood is a little overwhelming in here, but you can't hear anything shouting or other signs of life.
Command Omega Order? That sounds interesting.

You select the option and confirm it twice, then wait, hoping for some fireworks.

You're not disappointed when, moments later, the security console begins sparking and you're forced to disconnect. The chaos is almost enough to distract you from the low bass hum echoing through the complex.
View Whatever this does, it looks like bad news. Furthermore, it seems to be hooked up like a dead man's switch, set to go off if the routine here crashes.

For all that, it's little more than a button without any special defenses… like it's almost begging anyone to press it.
Defense, Other The button glitters within the system, but doesn't press itself. ?


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