Welcome to the OmniMall, the newest division of OmniTech. Here you can buy items from or sell items to other OmniMall users.

OmniMall now also handles gifts!

The Omnimall allows you to place buy or sell orders in order to trade with other players. You can also send gifts through this interface.

Trying to access the OmniMall before it's available gives the following message:

You don't have access to OmniMall. You probably shouldn't be here.

If you send yourself a gift:

You give yourself a present and a hug. You're so sweet.

If you go to the gift giving page with no tradable items:

You have no tradable items. Either report this to Kinak as a bug or congratulate yourself on your new lifestyle without the weight of material possessions.

If you send exactly 1 credit as a gift:

You sent one thin Credit to <player>. The service charge was one Credit.

The Omnimall also has special messages for Christmas; see 2010, 2011 for details.

Buy orders can only be made for items that have been put in the mall at least once. If you have any of the following, you can help by making a buy order for it for 1 credit, and then removing the order (and remove it from this list). All other items are known to the mall.

Currently available in game:

  • (All currently listed)

No longer available:

Leaked Items:

(Plus any items that have been added since Items By ID revision #708.)

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