Omnitech is a large corporation that produces nearly everything, including food, clothing, computers, and other technology.


The Omnitech Logo is an O with a T in it, as depicted in the learntop, cola and gift catalog:
laptopOT.jpg sodacan.jpg bigtoycatalog.jpg


Special forces

Omnitech special forces are renowned for their fighting abilities and combat drugs.

From the steel mask:

It's hard to say what this mask of burnished steel makes you look like. The two that jump to mind first are a dangerous psychopath or a member of OmniTech special forces.

Either way, you look ready to burn down a village.

From Raw heart:

You've heard some cultures eat hearts, but you doubt they mean like this. Well, actually, there was a rumor going around a while back about OmniTech Special Forces eating their opponents' hearts to gain their wisdom. But people will believe any story that starts with "OmniTech Special Forces."

From Bloodied Patch:

OmniTech special forces is supposed to have patches like this. It might just be marketing, though, because you're pretty sure OmniTech makes these patches for gangers and everybody else who wants to feel tough.

From The Dead End:

You quickly find a two-page spread showing hero popping a toadstool into his mouth, then crashing through the black rock wall.

It's pretty crazy. Although there are certainly combat drugs (OmniTech Special Forces are very fond of them from what you've heard), you doubt they'd make you grow to massive size or give you the ability to kick through whatever kind of black rock the tunnel is made from.

From HUD manager:

The more data that's coming in, the more it'll probably help you out. Even without the flurry of HUDs an executive (or Special Forces commando) might expect, it'll help out when you're on the Net.

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