Omnitech Trauma Bandage


Image SquareSheet.jpg
Description This thin film is coated on one side with a powerful mix of painkillers, antibacterials, and crazy-powerful glue. They're great for patching up surface injuries, but the chemicals can do a number on your body if you use too many.
Type Medicine
Use You slap on the trauma bandage and it goes to work. The pain's numbed immediately and the wound itself should be gone surprisingly fast.
Multi You slather yourself with OmniTech trauma bandages. You get a little lightheaded from all the painkillers after a while, but it does seem to be helping. Either that or you don't care anymore. It can be hard to say sometimes.
Effects Gain 10-15 hit points, with dimishing returns on repeated use (resets on resting);


Buy from Little Eddie's in Southside for 20 credits
From resting in Hideout with unused Medicine Cabinet (Gang Warfare)
From smugling medical supplies to Hideout with unused Smuggler (Gang Warfare)


Use an Omnitech Trauma Bandage to bond Nightmare Fuel to your skin.
Omnitech Trauma Bandage Nightmare Fuel
= Black Bandage
Coat an Omnitech Trauma Bandage with a Soaked Cell Sample
Omnitech Trauma Bandage Soaked Cell Sample
= Filmy Bandage
Slather an Omnitech Trauma Bandage with Tendril Ointment for a stronger healer
Omnitech Trauma Bandage Tendril Ointment
= Slimy Bandage
Coat an Omnitech Trauma Bandage in Toxic Oil
Omnitech Trauma Bandage Toxic Oil
= Toxic Bandage
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .06 Goods


Originally, OmniTech trauma bandages gave this message when multiused:

You slap on the trauma bandages and they fill your body with a soothing cocktail of drugs. The pain's numbed immediately and everything else seems pretty insignificant.

Or, when healing past full:

You apply the sticky squares to your body. They close the wounds beneath them almost instantly.
The remaining chemicals in your bloodstream make you feel light-headed. They're not kidding with the painkillers in these things.

You gain some duration of No Pain for each HP "overhealed".

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