One Drink A Day



Encounter Conditions

Before The Protest quest, and occurs subsequent time you enter the bar

Initial Text

The bartender looks you up and down. "Ah, I've seen you in here today. What'll it be? Another drink or just back to the floor?"

Summary of Choices

  1. A drink
    1. Metros Light - Gain Metros Light, lose 5 credits
    2. Whiskey, Straight Up - Gain Whiskey Bottle, lose 10 credits
    3. An over/under - Gain The Over/Under, lose 12 credits
    4. Nevermind
  2. Dancing

Choice Text and Results

A drink

The bartender nods. "Alright, what'll ya have?"

Metros Light

He nods and slides you a Metros Light. "Alright, here you go."

You found: Metros Light

Whiskey, Straight Up

The bartender nods and slides you an unlabeled bottle. "A fine choice, my friend, a fine choice."

You found: whiskey bottle

An over/under

The bartender deftly pours a layer of vodka, suspended on top of some bright red liquor. He stands back as though waiting for applause, then slides you your drink carefully.

You found: the over/under


You head back into the bar. This place is huge and densely packed. It'll probably be half an hour before you get to the opposite wall though the throng.


The bartender nods towards the dancefloor. "Sounds like a plan, knock yourself out."

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