Ooze Symbiosis


Image Sludge-Pants.jpg
Description You're feeling a strange burning from the ooze in contact with your skin, but… it's a strange burning… more the kind you associate with building muscles than needing to regenerate. If your legs keep feeling like this, you'll never need exercise again.

Who knows what other problems might come up, though?
Effects Removed on equipment change
Effects +1 Morale
Slightly Increased Chance of Strength XP
Slightly Increased Chance of Reflexes XP


Sometimes gained in combat with the hungry ooze pants equipped. (X energy)

It seems you get 2 (or sometimes 3) energy of the effect if you manage to use evasion techniques to avoid all the damage dealt to you in a round. You must have avoided damage - e.g. being opposed by evasion techniques doesn't count.

However, if you have any energy of this effect active, you cannot gain any additional energy of the effect until it wears off.

(see discussion page for theories and data)

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