Open Parasol


Image openparasol.jpg
Description Put your faith in a parasol
Chain 4
Type Evade (Directional)
Attribute Will
Special Defending yourself with a parasol could only work in dreams

Attack Summary

Condition Base
Normally -
You mime opening an umbrella.
With a parasol weapon 1 (M)
You open your parasol into the [opponent], dealing a humiliating <X> damage.
With a parasol weapon, and etheric 8 (M, F, R)
You open your parasol towards <opponent>.
<Opponent attacks>, dealing <x> damage, but the thin fabric of your parasol somehow blocks all but <X> / of the of the damage.
With a parasol weapon, and etheric, and unknown condition (see discussion) ? (R?)
You open your parasol towards <opponent>.
<Opponent attacks>, dealing <x> damage, but the shot, defying all logic, breaks against <your/opponent's> parasol like a wave against rocks.


Have a painted parasol or gauzy parasol equipped during the parasol portrait encounter, after either drinking orange juice sample the previous day, or having the Art Appreciation skill. NOT while having any of the artbooks equipped.


Using this with a parasol weapon and etheric fuel while opposed by a Painted Woman's altered Binding Words technique will transform that parasol into a yellowed lace garotte.

With a polysteel mask equipped, allows you to get a wrapped museum mask from the Floating Masks encounter

Used By (Opponents)

Painted Woman
Spectral Damsel

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