Orange Juice Sample


Image filledshotglass.jpg
Description This is a tiny sample glass of orange juice. Looks pretty pulpy and filling.
Type Food
Requires 1 Hunger
Use You slam the sample of OJ. It's actually pretty darn tasty.
Multi You pretend you're at your twenty-first birthday and slam the shots of orange juice. Tastier than screwdrivers, but they make your brain tingle a lot less.
Effects Gives 1 Energy


From the Free OJ encounter on The Quad


Using this item and then waiting at least one day unlocks potential for some special encounters/item conditions, generally having fantastic insights or making leaps of logics. Each time you trigger the special, you need to drink more OJ to unlock more. The following are known to be affected:

This book is fascinating! You read through it in a sitting and feel like there's still more out there.

  • The Arcane Tongue choice encounter gives a different message, and more stats.

Eventually, slowly, their words start to make sense to you. By the time the conversation is over, you feel you have a firmer grasp on humanity. Almost as though you've watched the first stirrings of language among ancient man.

All you can find to watch is a program preaching the virtues of the 'Blind Legion' a cult that's been canvasing this area for years. Something clicks this time, though.

It looks like she's ready to start fighting with it, which seems… like a surprisingly good idea.

You make a fake post on the site, leading readers into an absurdist wonderland filled with witty anecdotes and terrible insights. It's really less a hack and more a work of art.

You search through the archive, discovering that strange post you made is still up… and the #1 post on the entire site. Giving it another once over, it doesn't sound like you at all.

It's not that you're not insightful, but you're not usually that insightful.

  • Makes baseball statistics interesting from the Shared Files

You find some pirated baseball games. They're interesting enough but… the statistics are the really fascinating part.

You churn through some simulations, build a couple of models, revise the simulations, really start digging, and… what were you doing again?

Huh, of course… you understand! Over the course of the next few minutes, you disassemble the poetry, arranging it perfectly into webs of loops.

They form a strange symmetry… it all seems to come together. It's no great revelation, unless staring directly into another person's mind is a great revelation… which you suppose it is.

It's like every whispered thought is captured in your web of words and ideas. It takes a while to pass through the web, but you eventually return to yourself, standing in the scattered paper shreds of your revelation.

You look over the data… so much of it has to do with your coat. It's not all obvious at first, but… yes and there are… yes and… aha!

  • Cooking any recipe instantly teaches you the Chef skill

Oh! This totally makes sense!

You spend some time at the candles, meditating with the beads. You're not sure what it is, but it just makes sense somehow.

You fall into something like a trance, staring at the swirling characters. Strange sounds rise to your lips.

Spading tip: Around 2013, Kinak said there are 6-7 things that this unlocks… 1 or 2 of which we haven't even found the situation where drinking OJ would change it. Since then, a couple more have been added, and probably a couple more to be found. It's a good item to keep an eye on.

References: compare the orange juice sample with the tomato juice sample given out in the The Illuminatus! Trilogy, which Kinak has confirmed it was inspired by/referencing.

Hammer25.jpg This item is not a component for any kind of crafting.
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .02 Goods
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