Out Of Your Cell



Encounter Conditions


Initial Text

As you head through the halls, you hear a man's shout. "You there! Why are you out of your cell?"

Summary of Choices

  1. Rush him - Fight Midgard Security
  2. Act confused - Fight Midgard Security, (Unless you are wearing bum clothes:)
    1. Turn the tables - Fight a Midgard Scientist
    2. Lay back and see - Lose ~125 HP, 8 XP Will, 10 turns of Ruptured Organs
    3. Ask about regeneration - Lose ~125 HP, 6 XP Perception, 5 turns of Ruptured Organs
    4. Chat about Eclipse - Lose ~125 HP, 6 XP Will, 10 turns of Ruptured Organs
    5. Talk about the Slags - Only if you've chatted about Eclipse - Lose ~125 HP, 8 XP Perception, 10 turns of Ruptured Organs
  3. Run for it - Walk away, raise alert

Choice Text and Results

Rush him

He sighs when you attack, like he was expecting it the whole time and is just relieved he knows when. Hopefully the results of the fight will be a bit more surprising for him.

(Fight a Midgard Security)

Act confused

(If you are wearing bum clothes)


You calmly let them herd you onto the operating table and begin applying restraints. Eventually the guard cocks his head towards the door.

The doctor pauses and looks you over with his tired eyes. "Yeah, this one seems pretty calm, I'll hit the call button if I need anything."

You're fairly confident you could turn the tables and attack him before he's done binding you. If you wait any longer, though, you'll end up a test subject.

(If you are not wearing bum clothes)

He pauses for a moment, looking you over, and apparently doesn't like what he sees. You can hear him talking into his headset, sounds like he's calling for backup.

Even if he is, he charges you rather than waiting for them to arrive.

(Fight a Midgard Security)

Turn the tables

You take your last chance, ripping at the restraints to get at the surgeon.

As you free yourself, he mashes the call button mercilessly, but soon has to turn his attention towards you. Nobody's going to help him, that guard's long gone.

(Fight a Midgard Scientist)

Lay back and see

You grit your teeth and let him cut into you. Judging by previous experience, you'll survive, but he certainly doesn't know that and still merrily hacks away at your internal organs.

You black out fairly quickly, your world trailing away into wordless pain. You only feel slightly better when you wake up in a dumpster near Southside Park.

You've gained 10 energy of Ruptured Organs.

You take 102-147 damage.

You've earned 8 XP in Will

Ask about regeneration

After strapping you down and getting out his surgical tools, he starts chatting with a faint smile on his face. The scalpels cutting into your flesh make it difficult to follow his monologue, but he doesn't seem to care if you're listening.

"Ah yes, cellular reconfiguration is quite common in these cases. Once the change has taken place, it's usually impossible to undo, even with surgery. If there's any useful regeneration, though, I haven't seen it."

He peers at you for a moment, as though seeing you for the first time. "You've heard the rumors, I guess. All the surgeons here, we've heard them, probably the patients too. They say Midgard's found the secret of immortality but won't share it."

He stops for a moment and throws his head back in a deep, hearty laugh. "As if Midgard wouldn't be selling that to the highest bidder. They'd own Zaibatsu, Omnitech, and a dozen others by next Thursday."

He continues snickering at the rumors while he dissects you, until you mercifully fall into unconsciousness. You eventually wake up in a dumpster near Southside Park, not feeling much better.

You've gained 5 energy of Ruptured Organs.

You take <104-145?> damage.

You've earned 6 XP in Perception

Chat about eclipse

He finishes strapping you in and arranging his surgical tools, but stops before cutting into you. "Eclipse? The street drug? What's that got to do with anything?"

He continues musing while he resumes the operation, either forgetting or simply never considering anesthetic. It's hard to follow his speech over the pain of his scalpels.

"This facility is for the worst affected of the Incident in the Slags… left a lot of people infested… insane and dangerous. A debris plume came over this area. We're treating those we can and studying those we can't to produce a cure."

He sighs. "Sadly, your blood work shows you fall into the latter category. Which is a shame. You seem nice enough."

He pauses for a moment and injects you with a clear fluid. "Here you go. Least I can do."

You black out a moment later and eventually come to in a black space. Investigation reveals it's a dumpster near Southside Park, slick with enough of your own blood that you're surprised you can still move… and simultaneously terrified that the anesthetic is wearing off.

You've gained 10 energy of Ruptured Organs.

You take <116-146> damage.

You've earned 6 XP in Will

Talk about the Slags

He finishes strapping you in a collecting his tools, then clucks his tongue. "You know why you're in here then? Most don't, most don't at all…"

"Let me run one last test here." He jabs your arm with a needle and pulls out a sizable sample of blood.

With your head strapped down, you can only hear him puttering around the lab, following by a machine whirring. "Differentiation under point 5. Huh. Sorry to say but that's all the more reason I need to cut into you."

He comes back and starts making long, smooth cuts through your body. They're no less painful for their elegance.

"You know about the Slags, though, so you know why this is important. The explosion from the Incident… it killed a lot of people, but nothing like the debris it left behind. We still don't have a good treatment."

He pauses as you're on the edge of blacking out from the pain. "Hopefully this'll do some good."

When he starts cutting again, you mercifully fall unconscious. It's quite a while later when you wake up, soaked in your own blood, in a dumpster near Southside Park.

You've gained 10 energy of Ruptured Organs.

You take 127-150 damage.

You've earned 8 XP in Perception

Run for it

You turn tail and run. He doesn't even begin to follow you, choosing instead to relay information about where you're running into his headset.

See Walk Away

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