Outfit Spading

Known Hidden Outfit Effects

The following grant bonuses that explicitly show up in the bonuses pane:
Achromatic gear +(g x (g-1) / 2) to all Attributes
Achromatic Heart +(g+5) Etheric Power
Achromatic Shield +(g+5) Etheric Defense
Achromatic Lamp +(g+5) Stealth Defense
Cold Depths + Cultured Pearl +4 Etheric Power, +4 Will
Crocodile hide clothing with ocean/fae sight +Perception/+Reflexes
Elegantly Torn Pants with various patches (various)
Manhole cover + no offhand +2 Melee Defense
Polysteel support + no offhand +3 Melee defense
Trophy Talons + Smoking Talons +2 Melee Power, +2 Etheric Power, +2 Will
Shield of Scales + Serpent Suit parts +Evasion Power, +Melee Defense for each part
Steel length + no offhand +4 Melee Defense

(g = amount of glow)


Kinak has dropped hints that some equipment sets have hidden synergy bonuses, and a few have been discovered so far (see below in "tried and confirmed). This is the place to test for such bonuses.

Add your results and outfit suggestions below. Making thematically appropriate equipment substitutes is highly encouraged.

Equipment Set Obvious Effects Non-Obvious Effects
All gold foil-derived items
All Silver ingot-derived items
All shining-ingot-derived items
All eye-themed eye-tems
Spectral Sailor Outfit*
Rag Man Disguise* N/A
Spider outfit* N/A Nothing with fighting horrific spiders or injecting opponents with venom
Zombie Outfit* N/A
Paper Outfit*
All-mislit items
All-mirror shard items
Officer Stone drops w/ vigilante mask
Posh Spectre Outfit N/A
All Quad Psycho drops N/A
Mad Scientist Outfit*
Doggy Suit* N/A
All Warehouse Prototype Items N/A (didn't check cham. glands)
Twitchy Suit* N/A
Shroom outfit*
Doctor Johnson Outfit* N/A
Ghoul Outfit* N/A No effect on unupgraded ghoul king
Ghost Ship Navigator Outfit* N/A
Third Eye Lieutenant Outfit* N/A
All black silver items N/A (w/ undead scourge)
Fish Person Outfit* N/A
Marine Life Outfit* N/A
Mobster Outfit*
Toxic Outfit* N/A
Add more!

*Constituents of outfits:
Spectral Sailor Outfit- Sailing pants sailing shirt, sailing cap, inlaid saber/treasured musket, gold framed spectacles, medicine pouch, misty gem)
Rag Man Disguise- (Replica Katana, Rag Man's Cape, Raven Eyes, Channeling Matsuo)
-Try fighting rag man/ultimate rag man with it, use sword play and Raven's eye's technique
Spider Suit (Black Stone Vest & pants, black stone knuckles/stone spider leg, spider nest and spider venom and nest keeper effects active)
Zombie Outfit (zombie pants & shirt, ancient saber, regal crown/anchor chain/hooked chain)
Paper Outfit (reconstructed doll, giant paper mache doll head/paper mask, other things?)
Posh Outfit (Dashing Hat, gauzy parasol, gold monocle/ancient timepiece, other things?)
Mad Scientist Outfit (Red Lenses goggles w/Red Lenses active, scrubs top & bottom, tamed fire, PDA/myers sampling kit, maybe cybereye and cyberware installed)
Doggy Suit (Wolfman mask/distorted wolfman mask, crystal hound's tooth, hound crystal/bleeding hound's tooth, wolfskin belt)
Twitchy suit (quivering switchblade/blade/rifle/needler/dancing blade, twitching bat visor, twitch visor, twitch PDA/learntop, )
Shroom outfit (mushroom spade, shaman staff or derivatives, introspection-type effect active)
Dr. Johnson Outfit (scrubs or containment suit, scientist claw, smoky glass visor)
Ghoul Outfit (Ghoulish crown, ghoul maw, tome of binding, bloody shirt, bloody pants)
-Maybe use hooked chain or mad surgeon kit instead?
-Try talking to Ghoul King/fighting ghouls with this
Navigator Outfit(zombie/sailing pants & shirt, cracked navigator's glasses, navigator's pen-knife)
Third Eye Lieutenant Outfit (Tome of Binding, Hunter Focus, Lieutenant's shades, Third Eye Vest)
-Try talking to third eye hunter
-Try it with Third Eye Skill?
Fish Person Outfit (Shark hide & Vest, Palace Spear, Royal Orb, Guard Helm)
Marine Life Outfit (Massive Beak, octopus eye/black pearl-derived offhand, Shark Hide vest & pants)
Mobster Outfit (Prototype Coat w/ Old School Ganger, Expensive Smoke, Eurasian Handcannon)
Toxic Outfit (Toxic spear, Toxic Octopus Eye/Crystal)
-So far, the hidden bonuses we've seen applies to animal-based items. Given this and the existing precedent for disguises that use animal-based items, it might be a good idea to focus further inquiry among similar "animal" items.

-Please try disguises while Etheric. Effects may vary depending on what kind of Etheric you have (or not having Etheric), so try to account for that.

-See if interacting with thematically appropriate enemies and other enemies gives bonus XP, new techniques, etc.

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