Owl Feather (fight)

Encounter Conditions

See feathered cloak for details.


The feather in your hand crackles with electricity and leaps towards the sky. As you watch it, your surroundings seem to grow duller and duller.

It takes a while to even notice the owl in front of you. You realize, intellectually, that you should be worked up about a man-sized owl wearing some sort of stylized bone maskā€¦ it just seems natural somehow. Perfectly normal and natural.

Of course, it's also perfectly normal and natural for you to defend yourself before it feasts on your entrails.


Fight a Masked Owl

If you win:

As the owl topples, a gentle wind wipes away the hallucinatory world you find around yourself and even the owl itself.

Gain owl-s-mask-item if you have a Myers sampling kit equipped

If you lose:

For one perfect moment, you find yourself accepting whatever fate may be dealt. After that, for better or worse, a gentle wind wipes away your surroundings, leaving you back in Metroplex.

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