Package Routing


Image shippingbox100.jpg
Type Utility System

Responses to Functions

Function Message U Result
Offense You crash out their shipping system. ?
1? Command Their shipping system contains a whole series of confirmations and divided duties. You'll need to come at that with something a bit more powerful. ?
2-4? Command You wait patiently as the delivery drone makes its way to you. It comes bearing boxes of plushes. ? You found: 24-40 fae plushes
3 Command, after a while That seems to be the last stock they have on hand. It'll take them quite a while to recover, assuming they don't go under. ? You found: <remaining> fae plushes
View This shipping system is designed about how you're supposed to, with lots of security logs and confirmations going to multiple people. You should be able to override all of those, however. ?
Defense ?
Other The shipping system continues on its intended route, sending out packages on schedule.


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