Paper Mache


Image pileofjunk.jpg
Description Here are some torn up shreds of paper you could probably use to make something neat… in that artsy, craftsy sort of way.
Class Usable
Use You glom the paper mache into a ball, stare at it for a while, then poke eyeholes into it. Tada! A face!
You create: doll head
Use (2) You make a little paper boat out of your paper mache.

You create: paper boat
Use (3) In a moment of vision, you slap the wet paper mache on your face and make a mask. Mua ha ha ha ha!

You create: paper mask
Use (5) Hey, that's just enough paper mache to make a pinata! You get to work on that right away.

You create: pinata
Use (6) You put together a cast out of the paper mache. Should be able to slap that on if you ever end up with a broken bone.

You create: paper cast
Use (10) Life sized paper mache masks are for wusses. You make a larger than life mask of your favorite cult leader. Score!

You create: giant paper mache head
Use (50) Looking over your massive pile of paper mache, you decide to create an equally massive pinata. By the time you're done, you half expect it to start trotting around.

You create: megapinata
Use (other) You can't really figure out how to make anything awesome out of this much paper mache.
Maybe you need to read more arts and crafts books.

Paint Sets

Some alternative items can be created if you have a turn of Nightmarish Artistry or Glittering Artistry. These give recipes which can also be created by combining the paint sets with paper mache.

Nightmarish Artistry

Use 1:
With some ghoul teeth, and other conditions?, one time only?

A flash of inspiration strikes!

You blank out for a moment, then find yourself with a terrifying doll head that seems to include some of your ghoul teeth. That's… kind of terrifying.

You create: twisted doll head

With ghoulish crown and ghoul maw (or maybe just one of them?)), one time only?

You glom the paper mache into a ball, stare at it for a while, then poke eyeholes into it. Tada! A face!

And if you add some ghoul teeth, it's you!

You create: twisted doll head

Use 3:

You carefully shape a mask and paint it all manner of nightmarish colors.

You create: devil mask

Use 50:

Looking over your massive pile of paper mache and leftover paint, there's really only one option: creating a true monster of a pinata, one children the world over will want to beat with sticks.

You create: monstrous pinata

Glittering Artistry

Use 1:

You roll the paper mache into a ball, then begin applying glittery paint. Eventually it just makes more sense to make it a jester head.

There we go. That looks good.

You create: festive doll head

Use 3:

You carefully shape a mask and liberally apply glittering paint. Now that's festive!

You create: festival mask


Choice Encounter Grande Garbage Can Con Il Topo in The Charnel House.
Using Eclipse Slammer (sometimes).


Hammer25.jpg This item is not a component for any kind of crafting.
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg This item can be discarded via the gang stash.


Tried 42, 66, 100-900 by hundreds, 666, and 995-999. Note that you can't enter 4 digits into the multi-use box.

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