Party Gone Wrong



Encounter Conditions

After the party descends into chaos in the Parking Graveyard

Initial Text

A group of partygoers have descended into a fight, perhaps because they all seem to be wearing the same costume. It would be a normal enough scene at a drunken party, except one of the partygoers is knocked down and another has his head near their neck.

The rest are shouting things like "help!" and "fuck, let him go!" that noisily echo through the hall, but the two most involved are silent.

Summary of Choices

  1. Charge him - fight Hungry Skeleton
  2. Distract him - fight Hungry Skeleton
  3. Leave them sort it out - walk away

Choice Text and Results

Charge him

You rush forward, giving them time to get away. The assailant turns his head towards, revealing a face stripped of flesh, and hisses inarticulately.

(Fight Hungry Skeleton)

Distract him

You rush by yelling, attracting the assailant's attention. He faces towards you, revealing his flesh-stripped face and empty eyesockets.

He pursues you, rasping wetly as though catching your scent through the ruins of his noise. You're fast, but you don't manage to shake him… it.

(Fight Hungry Skeleton)

Leave them sort it out


You walk away, ignoring the wet sounds of chewing raw meat.

(Walk Away?)

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