Party Promoting Punk



Encounter Conditions

Have given pamphlets to the punk earlier. Maybe also if someone else has?

Initial Text

A punk student, resplendent with his acid-green mohawk, walks through the hall shouting "Better party! No lines! No tickets! OPEN BAR!"

He seems more interested in handing out pamphlets then fighting, to be honest.

Summary of Choices

  1. Take a pamphlet
  2. Add your voice
  3. Encourage destruction
  4. Throw down
  5. Ignore him

Choice Text and Results

Take a pamphlet

He cocks his head to the side, although his 'hawk remains perfectly stiff under its layer of chemicals. "Oh, you want some more to hand out? Yeah, sure. I've been running them off up at my room."

He gives you several stacks.

You found: 3 stacks of frat party fliers

Add your voice

The students don't seem much more comfortable around you than the punk, but you do manage to hand out twice as many fliers. It seems even the most spoiled college student still understands the value of an open bar.

Encourage destruction

You goad him a bit, but he glances furtively towards a nearby security guard. Realizing you've hit a sore spot, you heckle him until kicks over some decorations.

He seems to realize what he did a moment later and bolts off. The guard wasn't even looking.

Damn, compared to this guy you have nerves of steel.

You've earned 4 XP in Will

A feeling of satisfaction rises through you. You've healed 2 hit points. (With Born of Sorrow)

Throw down

You'll show him for distributing unwanted literature on a college campus! He's taken aback by your sudden strike, only raising his fists just in time.

(Fight Punk Student)

Ignore him

He shrugs and moves on to hassling other students. They seem a bit more receptive to his offers of free liquor.

See Walk Away

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