Party Status



Encounter Conditions

Only when not etheric?


You wander around for a bit, not finding anything that catches your attention. It's given you a good overview of the area, though.

AND one status message from each column (not all matchups are possible, should be obvious from use of "but" or "and") :

The volunteers seem to have things well in hand and are making great progress towards the party.
A few volunteers seem pretty panicked but they're far enough ahead it might not hurt.
The volunteers are running around chaotically but they're still making good progress towards the party somehow.
The volunteers are in complete chaos but a few hipsters are cautiously eying some guys in fraternity shirts.
The volunteers are in complete chaos A few hipsters are standing off to the side eying the volunteers, almost like they're looking for weakness. That's a little weird.

AND, if relevant:

You can see your volunteer work has been helping.

It looks like you're going to have to work harder to bring the fraternities' dream of a traditional Halloween bash to life.

You've earned 4 XP in Will

(Note: I've never got XP - possibly result needs to match your worked-for goals?)

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