Passed Out Man



Encounter Conditions


Initial Text

You literally stumble over a man passed out in a corner. He still clutches a drink in one hand, but the party is churning around him. At least he doesn't seem to be in danger of being trampled by the dancers.

Summary of Choices

  1. Snag his drink - You found: 1 of broken bottle, Metros Light or whiskey bottle
  2. Search him for goodies (evil) - Find two of the following items: knit cap, corduroys, pep pill, dirty old trenchcoat, battered cred chip, omniwatch, ornate letter opener, Eclipse
  3. Prop him up (good) - Earn 1 XP in Will
  4. Leave him alone - Nothing

Choice Text and Results

Snag his drink

You reach over and snag the collapsed man's drink. After all, he doesn't have much use for it right now.

You found: 1 of broken bottle, Metros Light, or whiskey bottle

Search him for goodies (evil (1))

You rifle through his possessions and steal everything that catches your eye.

Prop him up (Good (1))

You prop the man up so he doesn't drown himself while he's passed out drunk here. Nobody's going to give you a medal, but you feel a bit better about yourself.

You've earned 1 XP in Will

Leave him alone

You head back into the bar. This place is huge and densely packed. It'll probably be half an hour before you get to the opposite wall though the throng.

Walk Away

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