Passed Torch



Encounter Conditions

Initial Text

The Hammer blinks several times as you approach. "So, the old man passed the torch? Can't say I'm too surprised. He's been fighting a losing battle since Eclipse hit the streets."

"So… you hear to try and recruit me for his crusade?"

Summary of Choices

  1. Sure! Let's work together! - Disable brain chip, he's stops following, might join you later?
  2. Tell me about the freaks -He doesn't
          1. Leave me alone then - presumably makes him stop following you?
          2. Charge Him-presumably fight?
          3. Leave him to his thoughts
  3. Leave me alone - presumably makes him stop following you?
  4. Less talking more fighting - presumably fight him?
  5. I'll be back -

Choice Text and Results

Sure! Let's work together!**

"Maybe," he shrugs with a metallic whirring. "The old Vigilante and I, we didn't always see eye to eye. He helped out the Mafs when he needed some money, I didn't let kids off the hook for firebombing Midgard facilities. I'll keep an eye on you, get in touch if we're on the same wavelength."

"This all got way too complicated, though. I'm gonna stop trailing you for now. Just don't do anything stupid, alright?"

He wanders off, fussing with his comm. Your forehead itches for a second under the mask as he turns a corner and vanishes from view.

Tell me about the freaks

He shakes his head, forcing a strange pneumatic hiss from his cybernetics. "You'd rather not know. That's one rabbit hole it's better not to go down. I think it broke the old Vigilante's mind, I really do."

Leave me alone then

He chuckles, a strangely metallic echoing sound, and waves you off with one hand. "Yeah, yeah, it's alright. This just got way too complicated."

"You want my advice though? Thomas is crazy desperate, but that's nothing compared to the kind of crazy you get from people who believe. The Vigilante believed."

He wanders off, fiddling with his comm, and you feel a strange tingling in your forehead like the very edge of a headache.

Charge him

He sighs heavily and looks almost reluctant to attack you, but brings his hammer around anyway. "It shouldn't have to be like this."

(Fight The Hammer)

Leave him to his thoughts

The cyborg continues following you as though nothing happened.

Leave me alone


Less talking, more fighting

You pretend to be distracted by something and let him get a little closer, then turn around and charge. He brings his hammer lower into a combat position and grins broadly.

(Fight The Hammer)

Leave him to his thoughts

The cyborg continues following you as though nothing happened.

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