Password Lock (Novos)

See also: Password Lock (pre-Novos).


Image NumericKeypad.jpg
Type Defensive System

Responses to Functions

Function Message U Result
Offense ≥ 1 You hammer the password lock until it fails. 2 Gain 1 XP
(removes routine)
Command ≥ 1 The password lock rejects every command you send at it. Drat. 1
View ≥ 1 As far as you can tell, this is a standard issue password lock. It's not very dangerous… not dangerous at all, really, but it'll keep you from getting where you're going until you trick it or blow it away. 0
Other The Password Lock remains passive in the face of your batch. 0
  • Offense takes priority.
  • Command takes next priority.
  • View takes next priority.
  • Defense, and Null count as Other.


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