Patchwork Defense


Image patchworkdodge.jpg
Description Stitch together a defense
Chain 4
Type Evade
Attribute Reflexes
Base Defense 4

Attack Summary

Condition Base
Normally 4 (M,R)
You attempt to patch together a defense.
<Opponent attacks>, but your patchwork defense avoids all of the damage.
Vs. Fire 2 (F)
You slinks away from the radical's fire.
<Opponent attacks>, but you slink away from all but x damage.
With stitched legs* 8 (M,R,E)
The stitches on your legs stretch taunt as you dodge this way and that.
<Opponent attacks>, but your quick dodges avoid <all of the/but> damage.
With stitched legs(?), vs. Fire* 4 (F)  
You bound away from <opponent>'s fire.
<Opponent attacks>, but you desperately escape all but 1 damage.

* Note that if the opponent you are targeting uses Fire, you will dodge fire attacks used this pass (from all opponents). If the opponent you are targeting uses any kind of other attack (including untyped and unopposed), it will dodge Melee, Ranged or Etheric techniques used this pass (from all opponents). Only your target's move is checked though, so if another opponent uses Fire, it will not be dodged. If your target uses Fire, you will not block any other M, R or E attacks this pass.


Experimental beaker, with stitched legs

Used By (Opponents)

Stitched Creation

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