PDA Chassis


Image PDA.jpg
Description This piece of plastic either used to be the outer casing of a PDA or was intended for that purpose. Either way, it's got the case and the touchscreen, so you could probably get it working again with a bit of electrical savvy.
Type Misc.


Bought from coffee machine nerd at the Open Computer Lab
Salvage: Rattling PDA, others


Start building your PDA off with a Processor Chip and a PDA chassis
PDA Chassis Processor Chip
= Dumb PDA
Drop a Gold Processor into a PDA Chassis
PDA Chassis Gold Processor
= Gold PDA
Slap a Memory Stick in a PDA Chassis
PDA Chassis Memory Stick
= Unbootable PDA
toolbox.jpg Circuit Fragments (x1), Polysteel (x1)
GoldCoins.jpg .10 Goods
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