PDA Rundown



Encounter Conditions

Asked Arthur about this PDA, and waited a day.


Arthur wanders up to you, a bit unsteady on his feet, and forces the PDA into your hand. "This is bad news. If you have the faintest idea what's good for you, you'll drop it in the lake."

He sighs and glances around, accepting a drink from one of the other patrons. "But I probably wouldn't be that smart either."

"Here's the deal: it's high-end Midgard encryption, not really even intended to be broken. It's actually used to disable stolen PDAs, mostly." He seems surprised by the drink in his hand, but slams it anyway.

"It generates a key that's stored on the Midgard central servers. You with me so far?"

Not bothering to wait for your answer, he barrels forward. "So, here's your plan: you break into a secure Midgard facility… if there aren't turrets on the door, look harder. Then get admin rights to their main console, that'll let you bring up a temporary connection to the central server. It'll take a while to download the key, so make sure you don't get shot."

He makes a vague gesture that's rewarded with another drink. "That's it, hope you don't have any questions, because I never want to talk about this again."

He makes his way back to his normal table.

You found: encrypted PDA

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