Pearled Shark Tooth


Image Pearled-Shark-Tooth.jpg
Description You're not sure quite what to make of this. It's either a plastic prop or a large shark tooth covered in a layer of pearl.
Type Misc


Massive Clam, if you've dropped in a shark tooth on the previous day, and have not bled into the clam. If you bled into the clam while slag poisoned, you can never get this.


Destroy a Petrol Heart with a Pearled Shark Tooth
Makes 2-3 samples of petrol sludge, gives one instance of Shark Bite technique
Sludge Heart Pearled Shark Tooth
= Petrol Sludge and Shark Bite
Tooth and Liquor - Submerge a Pearled Shark Tooth in Grain Alcohol
Pearled Shark Tooth Grain Alcohol
= Shark Tooth and Pearl Liquor
toolbox.jpg Shark Tooth
GoldCoins.jpg .14 Curiosities


The recipe with the Sludge Heart is accompanied by the following text when crafting:

You stab the heart with the pearled tooth. Whatever strange force bound it together unravels and ooze spills out.

Or if you do the recipe more than once at a time

You stab the hearts with your pearled teeth. Each pops in turn, unmade by the tooth and burning it away in turn.

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