Perception is one of the four attributes in Metroplexity.

Perception represents keen senses, intuition, and accuracy.

Perception improves certain Techniques, including many Ranged Techniques. It also makes you more likely to find rewards after combat (see drop rates).

Associated with summer and friends of Lo.

Limited items Quest items
Unearthly items No trade items
Derivative unearthly Normal items

Perception Modifiers

+6 cap of fools
+5 blood rose crown, refined glasses
+4 abstract domino mask w/Hide Your Hunt, optical visor, red-lensed goggles
+3 alien museum mask, fake skull mask, improved visor, owl's mask
+2 examination glasses, gold framed spectacles, nice shades, security visor
+1 Midgard cap, polarized shades
-1 cat ear headband, Midgard Records visor
-2 entertainment visor, Integrated Rams helmet, old spectacles, navigator's glasses, slick shades, WildCats helmet
-4 black strands, giant paper mache head
-5 crushed glasses, smoky glass visor
-6 black silver visor, blindshot visor, guard helm
-10 blast visor, immersive visor, simple blindfold, twitch visor
+7 mirror-handled pistol (with Summer AROTPBY), postapocalyptic spear (with Summer AROTPBY)
+5 blood rose pistol, jagged hawk talon, optical sidearm
+4 wired sidearm, eternal sparkler
+3 assisted pistol, fused pistol, tinker's pistol
+2 uplinked sidearm
-3 old pipe
-4 fragile focus
Offhand Items
=25 coin of the seasons, solstice coin, summer coin
=ED solid mummy hologram
+ED solid spider hologram
+X survivors' origami crane (X = other origami disguise parts equipped)
+6 anniversary pocket mirror (with no weapon equipped)
+5 crystallized octopus eye
+4 anniversary pocket mirror (with +Perception weapon), any dream offhand item (with Performance Dream and Eclipse), delicate mushroom sculpture, pulsating eye, ruby apple, nostalgic xylophone, whisper microphone
+3 crystal hawk feather, unearthly coin
+2 clay mushroom, crocodile shield w/Ocean Sight, church candle
+1 university funding bucket
-3 sheet of white plastic
-4 writhing golem heart
-6 tome of stars
+7 mirror gang jacket (with Summer AROTPBY)
+4 crocodile hide jacket w/Ocean Sight
+3 mirror heart vest (with Summer AROTPBY)
+2 bullet-holed vest
-2 blackened vest
+2 crocodile pants w/Ocean Sight
+1 elegantly torn pants* w/Bloodied Patch
+4 hunter focus, Midgard player w/Uneven Seed1, resonating crystal spine, resonating spinal rifle, unblinking blossom
+3 arrayed scope, fine gold monocle, knuckle strands, orbital watch, raven's eyes, retromodern scope
+2 antique scope, crystal spine, crystal spinal rifle, knuckle necklace, staring blossom, Teso game console (with Dream Investigator)
+1 knuckle charm, Omniwatch
-1 advanced rangefinder, rangefinder
-2 optical rangefinder
-3 disgusting slug
Programs - requires a computer as gadget (& memory,processor cost)
+SL EyesAround (1,2), HUD manager (1,1)
+YS integrated hunt (1,2), integrated targeting (1,2), integrated vigilance (1,2), integrated vision (1,1)
-1 fractal loop (with neural link) (1)
-2 unsettling loop (with neural link) (1)
-3 white noise producer (with neural link) (1)
Cyberware (cybereyes)
+4 analyzing cybereye
+2 lowest bidder eyes, Inteternal eyes, motionblurring eyes, weeping cybereye
+1 empty cybereye, Midgard Records cybereye
-1 glazed cybereyes
-2 cybereye blank, OmniEyes
-4 garish cybereye, silver cybereye
-6 glimmering crystal eye, rippling cybereye
Cyberware (organware)
-3 tubegrown organ
-8 adrenal pump
Cyberware (neuralware)
+4 decorative ears
+2 cybernetic cat ears
-2 selective mesh
-4 exposed skull, memory mesh, neural mesh, twitch mesh
-6 crystal focus skull
-8 bridging mesh
+2 art museum model (without Eclipse), caged mouse
-2 skull fountain
+20% Fearsome Sight, Puzzle's Gaze
+20 Flowers Light and Dark
+7 Eating Reflections (with Summer AROTPBY)
+6 Clearest Eyes, Focused Perception
+5 Maiden's Perspective, Undersea Stalking
+4 Blue Eyes, Clear Eyes, Concrete Perspective, Crystal Eyes, OmniCarols, Performance Dream, Viral Carols1
+3 Ectoplasmic Gore, High Brow, Hologame Meditations, Observational Fiction, Speculative Fiction, Studious Nature, Synthesized Recital
+2 Ardent Investigator, Bitter Song1, Disaster on the Horizon, Halloween Spirit, Holiday Cheer, Ocean Sight, Released Moth, Residual Antidote
+1 Ocean Song
-2 Burning Mouth, Classic Carols, Garage Metal1, In a Pit, Paperwork Numbed, Party Buzz, Party Lights, Wild Virus
-3 Altered State, Burning Chips, Chip Headache, Dream State, Mild Neurotoxin, Spore Cloud
-4 Blurred Eyes, Croaking Cough, Gummy Pumpkin, Numbing Neurotoxin, Roiling Dust, Strangely Drowsy
-5 Broken World, Crawling Larva, Dazzled, Scalded
-6 Drunken Marksman, Neural Realignment, Spider Venom
-8 Watery Grave
-10 Crushed Perceptions, Degenerate Mists, Fighting the Sun (blinded), Ink Covered, Rooted Spores, Within the Worm
-50% Blinding Chill2
-75% Unforgiving Chill2
+3 Art Appreciation (without Eclipse), Experienced Observer
+2 Programmed Terror

* See item for additional bonuses or restrictions
1 You can only have one music effect playing at one time.
2 You can only have one chill effect active at one time.

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