Personal Calendar


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Responses to Functions

Function Message U Result
Offense You batter the calendar, crashing it out in moments. ?
1-2 Command You play around with the calendar a bit. It's easy enough to force meetings on the user's subordinates, but anyone higher up gets routed through a maze of approvers and admin assistants. ?
3 Command You manage to dig out and restore the AVP's old invites without actually going back through the whole process. Assuming they follow their calendar, they should be down here. Unlockes Executive Procession
View You check out the calendar. It has quite a few entries until a few weeks ago, after which everything is cancelled.

There's a reoccurring meeting with an Assistant Vice President that hasn't happened since then. It seems they're always held here because even the rightful owner of the machine isn't allowed on the AVP's floor.

The meetings are already deleted, but you can probably figure out how to reinstate them.

Or, after restoring the invites:
You check out the calendar and verify the AVP should be coming down for the meeting, assuming they check their calendar at least.
Defense The calendar doesn't seem to notice your commands. ?
Other The calendar doesn't seem to notice your commands. ?


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