Some encounters give an option to pick pockets. Your chance of success and what item(s) you obtain are determined by your skill at pickpocketing. The first time you attempt to pick pockets your skill will be set to "Just Starting". Presumably, the progression follows the pattern of other skills like Chess.

Rank Name Rank Needed from last level Total needed
Just Starting 1 1 1
Learning 2 3 4
Amateur 3 5 9
Comfortable 4 7 16
Solid 5 9 25
Good 6 11 36
Professional 7 13 49
Advanced* 8 15 64
Master* 9 17 81
Awesome* 10 19 100
Incredible* 11 21 121

* These levels are probably not currently obtainable.


Pickpocketing results have three parts.

Part one: did you get anything?

Your hand slips into their pocket, but you aren't able to snag anything.


You gained <X> credits! <sometimes; only with the comm skimmer program running>
You found: item(s)

Part two: did you get better? (Omitted if you didn't, in fact, get any better)

You've gotten better at pickpocketing. (and, if your rank increased): Your rank is now <new rank>.

Part three: did anybody notice?

Thankfully, nobody notices your attempt.

You found: <items>
or, if you didn't find anything:
You've earned X XP in Reflexes, depending on the location - see below


[failure message]

[Fight: failure opponent (see below)]


Item in bold are obtained exclusively through pickpocketing.
Encounter XP Potential Drops Failure Text Failure Opponent
Waterfront: Desperate Dockhand 1 battered cred chip, cup of Joe, pep pill, whiskey bottle Unfortunately, your overconfidence is your downfall. As you retract your hand, he lunges at you! Dockhand
The Quad (during protest): Wave of Protesters 3 ancient candybar, battered cred chip, Eclipse, Metros Light, pep pill Unfortunately, one of the protesters finds you with your hand in her pocket. The whole crowd seems to turn on you as one. Protesters
Old Cathedral: Church Refugee 4 ancient candybar, dirty rags, dubious chicken wing, phoenix sauce, sandwich wrapper, tattered newspaper page He panics when you touch him, flailing about with his arms. You're not sure if he's trying to punch you, but he's getting awfully close. Unwashed Man
The Happy Hour: Everyday Disco 3 battered cred chip, caramel bar, Eclipse, fresh cred chip, Legion tract, Metros Light You're not sure if you put your hand in the wrong pocket or if the drunk barreling at you was just looking for a fight in the first place. Either way, the crowd is too tight to get away easily. Roaring Drunk
(with pop music) (additionally can drop:) Idoru dancer
(with punk music) (additionally can drop:) 571 chip, Brain Staples single, industrial hair gel
(with spooky music) (additionally can drop:) fragile focus, knit cap, unlabeled music
(with heavy music) (additionally can drop:) Optimax PDA, protein bar, trendy Midgard cap
(with festive music) (additionally can drop:) peppermint schnapps (1 per day?)
Buried Lab: In Their Native Environment 5 battered cred chip, protein bar, Southside lab notes The doctor notices you rifling through his pockets, lunging at you while the other runs for help. Midgard Scientist
Midgard Bioresearch: Quartet of Doctors 6 battered cred chip, first aid kit, locker key, pep pill, protein bar, Slags cheatsheets, surgeon's mask The doctor who caught you with your hand in his pocket looks furious, lashing out at you. The others, whether out of procedure or just not wanting to get involved, scatter calling for security.
You've gained 20 duration of Red Alert.
Midgard Scientist
Parking Garage: Garage Janitor ? battered cred chip, cup of Joe, gas mask, pep pill, protein bar, janitorial ID He shouts "Hey! Hands off the goods!" and takes a swing at you with his mop.

You've gained 10 duration of Echoing Garage.
Downtown Janitor
HQ Lobby: Fashionable Exec ? downtown visitor ID, fancy clutch, fresh cred chip, gold cred chip, gold necklace, polarized shades The clerk screams as you run out, attracting two guards before you're really even out the door.

You've gained 10 duration of Lobby Alarm.
2 Internal Security (baton)
Halloween 2020: Parking Garage: Decoration Destruction ? ancient candybar, artificial ivy, brass knuckles, canned green beans, crepe paper, decorative webbing, foam skull, half of a sandwich, old switchblade When he catches your hand in his pocket, he roars and lunges at you! Filthy Bum
Halloween 2023: Call Center: Break Room Dance Party ? bone wine, call center mask, candy corn, candy eyeball, licorice spider, peanut butter bat, peanut butter candy, pumpkin microbrew ? ?

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Pickpocketing was added to the game in an update on May 14th, 2019

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