Piercing Vine


Image piercingvine.jpg
Description Make a twisted melee attack
Chain 4
Type Melee
Attribute Strength
Hidden Flags (Science Technique)
Base Damage 6

Attack Summary

Condition Base Damage
Normally 6 (Melee)
You stab at <opponent> from a strange angle for <x> melee damage,
With Set Roots active 9 (Etheric) Does not require a spear
The vines around your legs stab at <opponent> for <x> etheric damage.
With a vine spear 8 (Melee)
You stab <opponent> with a writhing vine for <x> melee damage.
Following Sprouting Slime 12 (Etheric)
The sprouts on <opponent> pierce deeper into <its> flesh for <x> etheric damage.

Note: Can do Etheric or Melee damage, depending on conditions. If it does Etheric damage, it uses your +Etheric Power bonuses instead of +Melee Power


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