Pile Of Crates



Encounter Conditions


Initial Text

You find some workers unloading a ship. They already have a massive pile of crates, but you're pretty sure they'd notice you poking around.

Summary of Choices

  1. Wait for a Opening (evil) - Get a stolen crate or crate of stolen medicines
  2. Look for dolls - Get 2-3 Fae plush - Only when helping Old Man Mushy
  3. Get the Fang's Money (only when helping Fangs on the Docks quest) (evil) - Fight Dockhand or gain 15-20 credits
  4. Check for ravens - Get 1-3 raven crates (During Halloween 2016, only if you have donated toward the decorations fund?)
  5. Check for sooty crates (During Waterfront Struggles quest, after asking the Fishing Tales folk about them)
    1. Crack them open
    2. Burn the lot
    3. Leave them be
  6. Charge In (evil) - Fight Dockhand and Dock Security
  7. Wander off - Nothing

Choice Text and Results

Wait for a Opening

Default result: (evil (1))

You wait patiently until a whistle blows in the distance. The dock hands leave on break and you can begin your search.

The crates aren't labeled very clearly, so you just grab the top one and split.

You found: crate.jpg stolen crate

If on the Docks Medicine quest, and ≥3 Perception: (evil (1))

You wait patiently until a whistle blows in the distance. The dock hands leave on break and you can begin your search.

You eventually find a few secured crates marked with crosses and grab one for the Squatter King.

You found: crate of stolen medicines

Look for dolls

You search through the crates, eventually finding one that's nearly empty. A few plushes lie in the bottom, mostly hidden behind a sheet of paper.

The paper seems to be a seizure order from Midgard Freight, suggesting that "JoyTime Products" is using unsafe materials in the manufacture of its toys.

Midgard bothering to show up on the Waterfront would be a first, as would them caring about children's health. It does sound plausible as a publicity stunt, but maybe you're just cynical.

You found: 2-3 Fae plush (or get 1 if you have exactly 99)

Or, if you have a PDA:

The package includes some site information and a basic login for tracking. You scan the connection data in case you need it later.

You found: JTP tracking information

You found: 2-3 Fae plush (or get 1 if you have exactly 99)

Or, after acquiring 100 dolls through this encounter, the Stacks of Crates or Joytime Products (hacking):

Despite your best efforts, you don't find any more crates of the plushes. On the bright side, that might have been all of them.

You've earned 4 XP in Perception

Get the Fang's Money (evil)

The dockhands seem appropriately cowed, handing over the money they owe, plus interest. You don't actually know their tabs, but they seem scared enough they're probably paying out.

You gained 15-20 credits!

The coin in your hand grows cool. (With unearthly coin equipped)

(Or, if your stats are too low?)

One of the dockhands stands up to defend himself. It's hard to say whether it's desperation or if he senses some sort of weakness.

Either way, he seems intent on fighting you off.

(Fight Dockhand)

Check for ravens

You search through the boxes, finding a raven-marked crate buried under a pile of its less esoteric kin.

You found: raven crate


You search through the boxes, finding some raven-marked crates buried under a pile of their less esoteric kin.

You found: 2-3 raven crates

Check for sooty crates

You find a few older crates, mildewed from the lake air, marked with streaks of soot. They're piled, separated from the other crates almost reverently.

Crack them open

You pry the crate open, but are forced back by a wave of ropy tentacles.

(Fight Boxed Nightmare)

Burn the lot

At ≤ 6 Fire Power:

You light the crates, frightening something terrible from within. Ropy tentacles lash out at you, pulling you towards the embers.

(Fight Boxed Nightmare)


At ≥ 8 Fire Power:


You torch the marked crates, walking away from the blaze as the dockworkers pointly ignore it and you.

Leave them be

Well, you found the crates. That's pretty awesome, right?

You've earned 1 XP in Perception

You've earned 1 XP in Will

Charge In (evil (1))

The waiting game just isn't for you and you charge in, scattering the dockhands.

You start your search, but one of the dockhands returns a moment later with backup.

(Fight Dockhand and Dock Security)

Wander off

Walk Away

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