Pirate Jess 2015



Encounter Conditions



You see a young woman weaving her way in your general direction through the crowd. She's wearing a pirate costume, veering in an adorable direction rather than the sexy direction favored by many of her classmates.

It actually helps her blend in a little better with the professionals sharing the party.

and if you helped out a ton?
Jess smiles broadly as she makes her way towards you. "Well, if it isn't my favorite person! I'm so glad you could make it!"

or if you helped out a good amount?
Jess smiles as she makes her way towards you. "Glad you could make it! We really appreciate all the help."

of if you helped very little?
Jess smiles as she makes her way towards you. "Hello, hello. I hope you're having a good time."

And, with no costume:

She stops to look around the crowd "There sure are some great costumes here. This turned out well."

She wanders off, leaving you alone to observe the crowd.

You've earned 3 XP in Perception

With an classy candy bowl equipped: UNCONFIRMED

She drops some candy in your extended bowl. "Happy Halloween!"

You found: 1-2 candy corn, candy eyeball, peanut butter candy, pumpkin lollipop

You've earned 3 XP in Will

With a green treat bucket equipped: UNCONFIRMED

She drops some candy in your extended bucket. "Happy Halloween!"

You found: peanut butter candy

You found: candy corn

You've earned 3 XP in Will

And, if you were a good helper?

She smiles again and hands you a little more candy, saying "a little something extra!"

You found: 2? of: mellow pumpkin, peanut butter candy

Or, if it is a costume she's seen you in already this year:

She looks you over again. "It's a great costume, it really is. The old committee chair said we should have a costume contest but, well, hopefully this is enough."

You've earned 3 XP in Will

Otherwise, one of the following messages, depending on the costume you are wearing. You get one caramel apple per costume per year, otherwise she give the message above. They are all followed with:

She produces a caramel apple from the chest she's carrying and hands it to you.

You found: caramel apple

Outfit Parts req. Message
Achromatic 5 She looks you over, wide eyed. "Wow. That's just amazing."
Bum Outfit 4 She looks over your outfit, smiling sadly. "Well, I'll give you this… it's classier than the guy in the hobo costume."
Clubber 3 She frowns at you, "you're supposed to wear a… oh, that's your costume, isn't it? Uh… sorry. Good costume!"
 Construction Worker 4 "Can't go wrong with the classics. And who doesn't love building things?"
Containment Suit 3 She looks you over, frowning a little. "Good costume. I'm just glad it's not the real thing this year."
Doctor 3 She looks you over and nods. "Doctor. Simple, but effective."
Doctor+gore 4 She looks you over and nods. "Crazy doctor. Can't go wrong with fake blood."
Magical Princess 2 She beams at your outfit. "That's great! I should be a magical princess pirate next year for Halloween! Huh… why has Zaibatsu never made that series? Solid. Gold."
Midgard Security 4 She looks over your outfit, frowning slightly. "Great costume, really spot on. Just… try to stay away from the punks, okay. They're still looking for excuses to break things."
Moleman* 3 Her eyes narrow as she surveys your outfit. "Hobo? Slags survivor? Mole person? I dunno, but it's a neat look."
Mummy 3 She looks you over, smiling. "Can't go wrong with the classics, right. Just don't chase me down if I steal your chocolatey booty… treasure, whatever they call it when mummies have it."
Office Worker ? She cocks her head to the side a bit. "The sad part is that wouldn't be a costume for most of the people here. It's a travesty."
Punk 3 "Welcome to the part… Oh, that's a costume isn't it. Well played."
Royalty 4? She bows deeply. "Your majesty! Or… is it your highness? Either way, great costume."
UNCONFIRMED Sea Hunter 4 She looks over your costume. "Lots of costumes I don't recognize this year, but great work. Love the sword!"
UNCONFIRMED Third Eye Hunter 4 She looks you over and claps. "Third Eye! Well done and relevant!"
UNCONFIRMED Valentine Killer 6 She looks over your outfit with obvious admiration. "Wow. I'm just glad it's Halloween. That's spot on Valentine Killer. Incredible."
UNCONFIRMED Vampire+gore 2 She looks over your costume with a wistful grin. "Great costume. If Emily could see you now!"
UNCONFIRMED Vigilante** 3? She looks over your costume with a broad grin. "Great Vigilante costume. Really gets it."
UNCONFIRMED wolfman mask+gore/
distorted wolfman mask+gore
2 She looks over your costume with a nostalgic smirk. "Ah, the wolfman. A classic. It's a shame it's fallen out of favor."

Her face stiffens. "Well, I suppose there's a good reason for that too."

Gore effects include:

* Writhing flesh not required.
** Janz had Mask/gun/filthy duster. Not sure how many are required.

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