Pit Spider


Image pit%20spider100.jpg
Combat Name The spider
HP 30
Gender Neutral
Stats Perception: 4
Reflexes: 8
Strength: 2
Will: 2
Power Melee: 2
Defense Melee: 2
Ranged: 2
Fire: -4
Etheric: 2
Stealth: 2
Reactive: 0
Hidden Flags Animal, Spider
Awards 3 XP
You found: 1-2 silk strands (sometimes?), more with appropriate tools (?)


Oldtown Construction Site: Primeval Pit


Technique Chain Power Type Notes
Slip Close 1 ? Melee
Poison Bite 2 ? Melee Gives 5 turns Spider Venom
Webbing Wrap 3 None Gives 1 turn Webbed
'' None (vs Evasion)
'' ? Stealth (if webbed) Gives 5 turns Spider Venom

On Winning


Even tearing thorugh most of the webbing, you end up with a massive sheet.

You found: silk strands

Or, with Myers sampling kit:

You're able to delicately peel the webbing off you with your sampler, saving most of it.

You found: 2 webs of silk strands

Or, with Chitin Hands (seems to override the sampling kit result):

The webbing doesn't stick to the chitin covering your hands, so you're able to gather most of it.

You found: 2 webs of silk strands

Or, with Web Control (seems to override both of the above results):

The webbing moves to your command, gathering easily.

You found: 2 webs of silk strands


nomnom25.jpg You feast on the spider's flesh, regaining x Energy.
HandMirror25.jpg 1 XP
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