Plasmic Acid


Image Fuming-Acid25.jpg
Description You've seen enough strange things in your day that the idea of ectoplasm suspended in a solution of nitric acid doesn't sound completely crazy. You're still pretty sure you don't want to get it on yourself and it's far too unstable to use in any sort of battlefield context.
Type Misc


Dissolve some Burning Ectoplasm in Fuming Acid
Burning Ectoplasm Fuming Acid
= Plasmic Acid


Dissolve a Trash Golem Heart in Plasmic Acid
Trash Golem Heart Plasmic Acid
= Poltergeist Solution
Infuse some Plasmic Acid with the essence of a Sludge Heart
Plasmic Acid Sludge Heart
= Poltergeist Solution
Extract the charge from Shivering Capacitors with Plasmic Acid
Shivering Capacitors Plasmic Acid
= Poltergeist Solution
Break down a Solstice Coin with Plasmic Acid
Plasmic Acid Solstice Coin
= Summer Coin and Winter Coin
Break down an Equinox Coin with Plasmic Acid
Plasmic Acid Equinox Coin
= Autumn Coin and Spring Coin
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .18 Curiosities
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