Vholes Piper

Bleak House

Charles Dickens
Mr. Vholes is a very respectable man. He has not a large business, but he is a very respectable man. <…> His digestion is impaired; which is highly respectable. And he is making hay of the grass which is flesh, for his three daughters.

The Metroplex Chronicle, backpage:

Correspondent Wyrd

We've had a report come in that someone had recently sighted what may have been the last surviving mud eel in the world. An incredibly rare species already, skirting ever closer to extinction due to pollution and over-fishing, it is now believed to be possibly extinct. The last specimen to be seen was apparently caught at the docks and subsequently eaten, raw.

When asked for a comment, the jittery fisher man with odd teeth and Eurasian war-dolphin arm-grafts started ranting about serpents, tentacles and Hounds. And so the mud eel has passed from existence at the hands of a loonie addict, such are the times.

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