Police Scanner


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Description This old police radio hasn't been used in years, but still picks up a bit of signal. Should help keep you up to date on gang activity in the city.
Class Gadgets


Sometime, after combat, it gives you the status of a random PVP location:

You hear some static from your police scanner as you finish up the fight. You take a few moments to tune in and catch the latest.

Full Control:
Sounds like <area> <is/are> in the iron grip of <gang>.

Sounds like <area> <is/are> strongly held by <gang>.

Some Control:
Sounds like <area> <is/are> loosely held by <gang>.

No Control:
Sounds like <area> isn't controlled by any gang at the moment. The whole area is up in the air.

The gang can be your own or a rival gang.

Hypothetically, the Long Ranged scanner gives updates when you're not in that area, and the Updated scanner gives messages more often?


Drops from Dock Security (only while in gang warfare)
Little Eddie's back room (50 credits)
Salvaging retrofitted scanner


Improve a Police Scanner's range with a Thick Cabling antenna
Police Scanner Thick Cabling
= Long Range Scanner
Replace outdated parts in a Police Scanner with a Signal Analysis Circuit
Police Scanner Signal Analysis Circuit
= Updated Scanner
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .06 Curiosities
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