Poltergeist Spark


Image TrashGolemHeart.jpg
Description You've turned your body into a strange power source linked to Eclipse-driven hallucinations of animated objects. It's hard to say what it might do… maybe you should start at the beginning.


Possible reward for the Lost Son quest, also requiring Lo's Investigation. Using a crackling injector.


This skill has no effects listed in-game.

If you have this skill and are Etheric, you unlock a special "Meditate in it" option in certain choice encounters that allows you to regain hit points and learn special techniques.

Location Encounter Result
Southside Park Dumpster Diving Trash Simulacrum
The Charnel House Grande Garbage Can Con Il Topo Trash Simulacrum, 2-3 Ghoul Bite
The Quad Trash from Environmentalists Trash Simulacrum
Tainted Shoreline Massive Oil Slick You settle into the sludge, spending what seems like hours meditating. By the time you're done, you feel more connected with the sludge, both mentally and physically.

You've gained 20 energy of Slags Poisoning.

You regain ?-22-? hit points!
You learned a new Technique: Toxic Grip
Records Office Abandoned Cube Farm Etch Secrets
Parking Garage Abandoned Car Rushing Image

Other Uses

When killing a mold golem, you can learn 1 copy of Sunless Slime if you have this skill.

Technique Summary

Chain Technique Type Attribute Dam Def Notes
sludgesummons.jpg Toxic Grip Melee Strength 3 - Cannot get hold against Evasion Techniques, but becomes a 15 Base Damage Etheric attack with Eclipse or 25 vs. Fire
etchsecrets.jpg Etch Secrets Etheric Will 8 -
trashsummons.jpg Trash Simulacrum None Will 12 10 requires Etheric; attacks if unopposed (Melee), otherwise defends (M,R,F,S)
rushingimage.png Rushing Image Etheric Will 11 - requires Etheric, better Outdoors or at Long Distance.
sunlessslime.jpg Sunless Slime Etheric Will 8 - +8 base damage Underground
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