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Description Polysteel, Omnitech's one step answer to all your material needs. These granules of plastic have almost entirely replaced metals and woods in daily life, particularly places like Southside.

On the bright side, heat it up a bit and you can make it into just about anything. They're not lying about that.
Type Miscellaneous


Opening a crate of armory supplies
Drops from Slags Guard with Salvaging Tools equipped
Redirect from Shoreline Shipping Drones via Guidance System
Probably several other sources

toolbox.jpg basic scope, battered hammer, cheap pistol, filthy pistol, garbage sticker, hefty wrench, My little Idoru, suspicious rifle, targeting circuit, Extreme Sinking Lure, many more…
Break down an old surplus Riot Baton with some Powerful Acid
Quest recipe: learn recipe from Chemistry Papers
riot baton Powerful Acid
= Polysteel


Shape some polysteel to go along with a Sword Hilt
Sword Hilt Polysteel
= Knockoff Katana
Fuse some Polysteel handles to a Manhole Cover
Polysteel Manhole Cover
= Shaky Manhole Shield
Seal over the damage on a Cracked Baseball Bat with some Polysteel
Cracked Baseball Bat Polysteel
= Refurbished Baseball Bat
Surround a Riot Baton with another layer of Polysteel
Riot Baton Polysteel
= Thick Baton
Apply a bit of Polysteel to a Switchblade Handle
Switchblade Handle Polysteel
= Refitted Switchblade
Shape some Polysteel around Assault Rifle Fittings
Assault Rifle Fittings Polysteel
= Handmade Rifle
Combine a lump of Polysteel with Pistol Fittings
Pistol Fittings Polysteel
= Handmade Pistol
Add some Polysteel to an Unlined Vest
Unlined Vest Polysteel
= Light Armored Vest
Add a layer of Polysteel to a Light Armored Vest
Light Armored Vest Polysteel
= Thick Vest
Gently mold some Polysteel into a Paper Mask's shape
Paper Mask Polysteel
= Polysteel Mask
Fill in a Visor Frame with some Polysteel
Visor Frame Polysteel
= Lab Visor
Jury-rig an Empty Clip with some Polysteel
Empty Clip Polysteel
= Shotgun Rounds
Upgrade some Unlined Pants with Polysteel
Unlined Pants Polysteel
= Reinforced Pants
Charge an Artificial Hound Crystal with a Capacitor Array, then reflect it between a Shining Ingot and a Black Silver Ingot backed with some Powdered Glass. Then encase the works in Polysteel. (5 Energy)
Learn recipe from History of Optics
toolbelt.jpg Artificial Hound Crystal, Capacitor Array, Shining Ingot, Black Silver Ingot, Powdered Glass, Polysteel
= Homemade Laser
Clean up a Filthy Pistol and replace the Polysteel
Filthy Pistol Polysteel
= Restored Pistol
Add Polysteel shrapnel to an Unmarked Grenade
Unmarked Grenades Polysteel
= Frag Grenades
Layer an Old Kitchen Knife with some new Polysteel
Old Kitchen Knife Polysteel
= Reinforced Kitchen Knife
Back Tough Cloth with some Polysteel
Tough Cloth Polysteel
= Reinforced Cloth
Create a flexible circuit board with two Polysteel, two Gold Foils, and four Formatted Memory Cores
Quest Recipe: Requires recipe from Shared Files.
toolbelt.jpg 2 Polysteel, 2 Gold Foils, 4 Formatted Memory Cores
= Mimetic Sheet
Cobble a chip together from four Circuit Fragments and a Polysteel base.
Quest Recipe: learn recipe from the Neglected Bookshelf
Polysteel Circuit Fragments Circuit Fragments Circuit Fragments Circuit Fragments
= Processor Chip
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .02 Goods


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