Polysteel Support


Image metal-pole25.jpg
Description Although you're sure it would be great for bashing people, you're fairly confident this was intended for construction. Then again, so are hammers.
Type Weapon
Hidden Flags Construction Worker outfit, I-Beam Weapon
Effects +6 Melee Power
(Hidden: +3 Melee Defense when you don't have an offhand equipped)


Melt together eight handfuls of Polysteel into a support pole
Learn recipe from the Empty Stage encounter during Halloween 2010


Assemble four Polysteel Supports, a Foam Skull, an Animatronic Motor, and a Skull Pile
Learned Recipe: Learn from Halloween 2019 encounter
4 Polysteel Support Foam Skull Animatronic Motor Skull Pile
= Skull Fountain
toolbox.jpg 2-3 Polysteel
GoldCoins.jpg .10 Goods
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