Pool Of Water



Encounter Conditions

Disappears once overcome

Initial Text

You find your way to a juncture in the abandoned building. Three rather disgruntled looking men stand in a pool of water.

You're fairly certain enough of the wires in this building are still live to give them a nasty surprise. If you can get at them, at least.

Summary of Choices

  1. Drop in some wires - If you have an electrical kit, kill 3 thugs and remove this encounter
  2. Charge in - Fight 3 Third Eye Gangers, remove this encounter if successful
  3. Leave - Nothing

Choice Text and Results

Drop in some wires

(Without an electrical kit:)

You can't seem to find any way to get an electrical wire down without some better tools. Best you could probably hope for is electrocuting yourself and them noticing you.

(With electrical kit in your inventory but not equipped:)

You have the perfect electrical toolkit for this, but not on you at the moment. At the moment, you'd probably just electrocute yourself, but strap the tools on and come back… it should be a snap.

You've earned 2 XP in Perception

(With electrical kit equipped:)

With a quick couple snips with your electrical kit, you get a live wire. Sneaking closer, you drop it into the puddle.

The gangers shudder and drop to the ground. They never seem to stop shaking and smoking, but you edge around the pool.

Charge in

You rush towards the Third Eye gangers, slowing only enough so you don't lose your footing.

(Fight 3 Third Eye Gangers)


You decide to avoid the thugs for now, even though they're blocking your progress.

See Walk Away

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