Postapocalyptic Spear


Image mirrorspear.jpg
Description Nothing says "refugee from an imagined future where things suck even worse than they do now" like a spear made from a piece of broken glass and a riot baton with the handle ripped off. The fact that the glass seems to reflect nothing but you and an endless grey sky adds something to the effect.
Type Weapon (Spear)
Effects +7 Melee Power
A reflection of the path before you (+7)


Make your Riot Baton into a primitive weapon with a Shining Mirror Shard
Riot Baton Shining Mirror Shard
= Postapocalyptic Spear


Sometimes with AROTPBY unlocked:

Perhaps you've stared into your weapon too long… but you think you might have discovered a new fighting style.
You learned a new Technique: Mirror Strike

Hammer25.jpg This item is not a component for any kind of crafting.
toolbox.jpg Shining Mirror Shard
GoldCoins.jpg .26 Curiosities
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