Posting Interface (University Net)


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Type Utility System

Responses to Functions

Function Message U Result
Offense = 1 From this side, it's easy to cram enough garbage into the post interface to crash it out. O+1 1 XP (Removes routine)
Offense ≥ 2, with a Post Archive active From this side, it's easy to cram enough garbage into the post interface to crash it out.

You feed in enough to corrupt the library too. It crashes a moment later.
O+1 2 XP (Removes this and the Post Archive routine)
Command ≥ 1 Man, you'd think they'd make posting things easy. It's not as though you don't have the access, you just can't force through any posts.

Sadly, you think it's more poor design than security.
1 Become more aware of the untapped potential of programming students
Command ≥ 2 You push out some sarcastic posts mocking the owner of the site. It's not exactly work for the ages, but it's at least a little funny. 2 (or maybe equal to C?)
Command ≥ 2 (Only if you have talked to Davis about hacking)
You push out a post bragging about your own prowess… and hide a few extra tags where they're not as immediately obvious. That guy in the computer lab was right, this is kind of fun!
3 (or maybe equal to C?) Get various items (see below) if you do this enough times.
View You look over the interface. It seems to be what controls content being posted to the archives up front.
Presumably you could attack here and take both down or seize command of this system and use it to post whatever you wanted.
The interface returns an error that it can't interpret your command. ?



After talking to computer lab coffee machine guy about hacking, he will send you messages after tagging enough sites - every 8-12 posts?.


Subject: Nice Work
From: Davis (Computer Lab)

And then, first time:

Man, when we talked about marking sites, I didn't think I was _that_ inspiring. I can't condone hacking, so this personal gift is totally unrelated to any illegal activities you may be engaged in.

You found: antique control gloves

After that, one of the following:

You're really on a roll! Here's a little something to keep your energy up.


Woo! Keep it up! Here's a little something to keep the blood levels from getting too high in your caffeine stream.

And then:

You found: french vanilla latte or PowerCode or passable coffee


Nice work! You're really burning up the charts, if I kept charts, which I wouldn't, because that would implicate everyone.


Your name just keeps coming up and reminded me how it's clearly been too long since I sent you a present.

And then:

Speed and style, you got it all!*

You found: 1-2 of: PDA chassis, processor chip, memory stick, safety loop

* If you get one item, this line is omitted.

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