Powercode Attack Die

This is a set of functions that you can use when you have PowerCode active. It does not require any processor or memory.

Additional functions get added to the die if you have certain effects active. If you have more than one of the effects, you can get several of these possibilities, but still only one at a time. Not sure of the proportion of the sides.

Function Unlock
powercodefly.jpg Flight of Fancy (always)
powercodesculpt.jpg PowerCode Sculpture (always)
inquisitivecoding.jpg Inquisitive Coding - Pep in your Step active
- Studious Nature active
- Wired Hacking active
- pep program running with neural link
angrycoding.jpg Angry Coding Raging effect:
- Artificial Rage
- Pumping Adrenaline
relaxedcoding.jpg Numb Coding No Pain active
steadycoding.jpg Steady Coding Steady Hand effects:
- Dead Man's Hand active
- Steady Hand active
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