PowerCode Sculpture


Image powercodesculpt.jpg
Description Construct an ode to PowerCode in this system
Unsubtle 2


??/6 - PowerCode attack die


Gives the following message in the post-batch phase, and lose up to 5 turns of PowerCode if you have it:

You grab a copy of the Powercode logo off the Net and twist it into an almost-human sculpture.

or (this was for Brute Strike and PowerCode Sculpture batch:)

You grab a copy of the PowerCode logo off the Net and send it through some filters, so it looks like a marble pillar, then build a temple.


You grab a copy of the PowerCode logo off the Net and copy it dozens of times, creating a mosaic.

If followed by a View command:

You salvage some of the code from your artistry as the system brutally reformats that sector.

You found: code snippet


You spend a moment appreciating your artistry. The way the system brutally reformats the second makes it even more bitter sweet.

You've earned 1 XP in Will

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