Powerful Acid


Image ErlenmeyerFlask25.jpg
Description A flask of acid powerful enough to do some serious damage, even with just a short splash. Not how you want to wake up in the morning.
Type Usable
Use You carefully, very carefully stow the acid for later use.
Multi You carefully, very carefully stow the acid for later use.
Effects You learned a new Technique: Acid Splash


Encounter: Midgard Laboratory: Addict By Osmosis
Encounter: Midgard Laboratory: A Room From The Vision
Encounter: 2nd Floor: Ramshackle Fortress
Receiving wounds in combat while under the Acidic Blood effect.
No longer: Oldos Hacking: Reroute shipment on an Materials Supplier website.

Convert a pile of sulfur into a flask of dangerous, but effective, acid
Quest recipe: Learn from chemistry papers, a descrambled TV, Lab Workers, or a science blog
ChemKit25.jpg Sulfur
= Powerful Acid
Distill two flasks of larval acid into one flask of a more powerful acid
Larval Acid Larval Acid
= Powerful Acid
Watch the reaction between a Reused Syringe from the subway denizens and some Liquefied Eclipse
Makes 2-4? vials of acid
Liquified Eclipse Reused Syringe
= Powerful Acid
Refine a flask of Powerful Acid from the remains of three Partially Digested Fish
Quest recipe: Learn from Andrea the Grad Student
Partially Digested Fish Partially Digested Fish Partially Digested Fish
= Powerful Acid


Encounter: Buried Lab: Cell Block
Encounter: Records Vault: Cold Storage

Combine Powerful Acid and Fuming Acid in a time-honored rite
Powerful Acid Fuming Acid
= Aqua Regia
Caffeine and Sugar - Process two Pep Pills down with some Powerful Acid
Quest Recipe: Learn recipe from hacking an Advertising Agency
Pep Pill Pep Pill Powerful Acid
= Caffeine Powder AND Processed Sugar
Condense two Fragile Puffballs using some Powerful Acid
Quest Recipe: Learn the recipe from the King of the Fae by asking David's question
Fragile Puffball Fragile Puffball Powerful Acid
= Draught of Breath (Item)
Add some Bat Guano to Potent Acid
Bat Guano Powerful Acid
= Fuming Acid
Dissolve a Mass of Guano in Powerful Acid
Creates 3 Flasks of Fuming Acid
Mass of Guano Powerful Acid
= Fuming Acid
Sprinkle some Plant Residue in Powerful Acid
Plant Residue Powerful Acid
= Fuming Acid
Break down a sludge heart with powerful acid to get a bunch of petrol sludge
Makes 4? samples of sludge
Sludge Heart Powerful Acid
= Petrol Sludge
Melt down an Oily Spear with some Powerful Acid
Makes 2 samples of petrol sludge
Oily Spear Powerful Acid
= Petrol Sludge
Break down an old surplus Riot Baton with some Powerful Acid
Quest recipe: learn recipe from Chemistry Papers
riot baton Powerful Acid
= Polysteel
Dissolve a lump of coal down with powerful acid to get this flammable mix.
Lump of Coal Powerful Acid
= Refined Petrol
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .08 Goods
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