Gate to the slags

The best (known) location for leveling up your stats is the Gate To The Slags (at about 20 XP/turn). Equipping XP Bonus gear can grant extra stats after the battle.

Attacking there can give the following XP:

Area of effect attacks like Rain Of Bullets are particularly effective because of the low HP of the wall turrets.

Antique Floor Mirror

The Small Hut in the Antique Floor Mirror can give large amounts of stats (~45), but takes several turns to set up these gains. May or may not be an effective strategy.

Neural Recordings

Four quality neural recordings can provide excellent XP when you have low stats but quickly become less effective at higher levels. These can be used to quickly get your stats back up after resetting.

Each chip costs 10 old coins and can be bought from the Smuggler's Market on the Waterfront.

Chip Attribute
crane memory Perception
island raid memory Reflexes
climber's memory Strength
family dinner memory Will

Sparring Ring

The XP you gain in the sparring ring is based on the difference in level between you and your opponent. If the difference is extreme it's possible this is a viable XP source for a few energy a day. However, sometimes you gain techniques in place of (some) XP, and the formula has not been fully spaded. This is unlikely to be better than the other methods, but if you don't have the resources to try them this could be a back up plan for low level characters.

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