Pre-Metroplex Day Excitement



Encounter Conditions

Must be the day before Metroplex Day.


You come across a group of trendy students, acting suspiciously energetic and cheerful. As you pass, one of them is going on and on about Metroplex Day.

Another nods vigorously. “Yeah, I’m totally gonna head down to the Docks tomorrow night. It’s the best place in the whole city to watch the fireworks.”

Shaking his head, an older student adds his nostalgic two cents. “It’s just not the same, man. They used to sell real fireworks at the bookstore for Metroplex Day. Now it’s just, like… Midgard-approved junk. They won’t even sell sparklers, man. Sparklers!”

The others let him say his piece, but go back to being excited about their trip to the Docks tomorrow the moment he stops talking.

When they disperse, you can hear him muttering. “Screw the Docks, I’m gonna go find some roman candles at least. Maybe somebody around here has decent fireworks.”


This encounter occurs only once in the Quad the day before Metropex Day.

This encounter does not cost any Energy.

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