Precise Shot


Image preciseshot.jpg
Description A ranged attack that is improved as an opening.
Chain 7
Type Ranged
Attribute Perception
Base Damage 2
Hidden Flags Single Shot Technique
Special +4 Base Damage as the first Technique in a Chain

Attack Summary

Condition Base
Normally 2 With or without a scope.
It's hard to get a good shot in, but you manage to land a hit for <X> damage.
As opener 6
You line up a perfect shot, breathe, and fire, dealing <X> damage.
As opener, with a scope 10
You line up a perfect shot with your scope and fire carefully, dealing <X> damage.
While underwater 1
Precision's out of the question down here. Honestly, it's amazing your gun manages to fire at all. The shot deals <X> damage.


Using practice range ticket
Using Eddie's training ticket
No longer: Oldos Hacking: Public Files on a Blog website.


Using this technique as an opener with a holosight rifle equipped can give the Holographic Shot technique (only ~4 times/day?).

Used By (Opponents)

Demonic Bouncer
Dockside Ganger
Family Man
Gang Boss
Gang Enforcer
Officer Stone
Third Eye Hunter

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