(Pretend?) Rescue Team



Encounter Conditions

In a containment suit

Initial Text

A guard in a full containment suit that roughly matches yours waves you down among the rubble. Well, either he thinks you're another person on the rescue team from Midgard or he's another person pretending to be from the rescue team from Midgard that's pretending to be friendly for reasons of their own.

The first seems more likely, but it's hard to say for sure.

Summary of Choices

  1. Ask about the situation - information
  2. Ask for directions - gain 4 XP Perception, or after November 4th, fight Slags Guard (Infested)
  3. Jump him - fight Slags Guard
  4. Just wave - walk away

Choice Text and Results

Ask about the situation

He taps the side of his helmet with irritation a few times, then moves closer so he doesn't have to yell. "Fucking interference, it's crazy here."

"Keep your suit on, there's some kind of radiation here, like the Slags. It seems to get worse as we dig, so if you feel yourself slipping, get out."

He pats you on the side of the arm. "Good luck."


He taps the side of his helmet with irritation a few times, then yells from a safe distance. "Fucking interference! It's crazy here!"

"Keep an eye on your suit! There's some seriously bad shit down there! It's like the radiation in the Slags, but it'll burn right through your suit if you don't pay attention!"

"We've… we've already lost some guys! Don't feel like somebody's on the up and up just because they're in a suit! If somebody starts shooting at you, take 'em out!"

He gives you a thumbs up. "Good luck!"

Ask for directions

He moves closer to you so you can hear him clearly. "We've had some luck near the edges. We haven't gotten very deep yet, but the ones who almost made it out are our best bet anyway."

"Most recent one was over there," he gestures towards an area with slightly lower rubble, "you might want to check nearby."

You've earned 4 XP in Perception


He backs up a few steps, then screams so you can still hear him. "We've been finding more survivors towards the edges!"

He points to an area of lower rubble off to the side. "That's where we found the most recent survivor! Might want to check around there!"

You've earned 4 XP in Perception

Or, after some point on November 4th:

"Downward!" he shouts. "Ever downward!" As if to demonstrate, he raises his hands, cut nearly to ribbons as though he'd spent hours digging in the rubble by hand.

He doesn't wait for you to respond, just howls like an animal and charges you, a mass that was once a hand fiercly clutching his needler.


(Fight a Slags Guard (Infested))

Jump him

"Not the enemy! Not the enemy!" he exclaims. But then again, a lying enemy would say that.

(Fight a Slags Guard)

Just wave

He gives you a quick wave as you pass by.

(Walk away)


He waves you past. A few minutes later, you hear a jovial voice say "too late for you, lad" followed by the muted thwip of needler fire.

(Walk away)

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