Professional Family



Encounter Conditions

None? Presumably not attacked him.

Initial Text

A man, dressed a bit like an office worker, makes his way between the pews. Although it's not uncommon for workers to scowl, his carries a hint of coldness you'd expect from someone used to getting their own way… maybe even used to violence.

For the moment, however, he doesn't seem to think you're a threat.

Summary of Choices

  1. Mention Grigori (if you asked Grigori about Midgard HQ) -
  2. Just chat - In priest outfit, 3 XP in Will, unlocks Sofia's Problems and Sharply Dressed Wife encounters
  3. Fight him - Fight Family Man
  4. Leave him be - Walk away

Choice Text and Results

Mention Grigori

He nods. "Yeah, Grigori said you were coming, a bit of an expert on the Third Eye's poison. If you're up for it, I think I have something you can help with."

"I'm not sure it's Eclipse, to be honest. My wife, Elena over there, she thinks it's just a phase. Punk and all that."

He frowns, showing more of his opinion than the words. "But our daughter, Sofia, she's been acting out and acting weirdly. It's getting harder and harder to get her to leave the cathedral here, like she's chained to the pews."

"Eclipse or not, if you can help Sofia out, we'll get whatever you want taken care of. Between Elena and I, there's not a lot of problems we can't take care of."

Or, after helping Sofia:

"Ah, yes! Sofia's doing great now. Or, well… as great as a girl her age can be, I suppose. Especially with the Family business."

"As for what you mentioned to Grigori, I'd suggest talking to my wife. Elena's better with that stuff, but I think we can help."

Just chat

He tries to smile, but it just comes across as softening his scowl. "This is God's house. Everybody's welcome here. You, me…"

His face sours again, as though he's come up with a few exceptions. "Just be careful, the world isn't safe anymore. Since… well, you don't want to hear an old man ramble about history, do you?"

He smiles again, brightly this time, "my daughter certainly doesn't."

Or, in office worker outfit:

He mostly lets you talk, watching you carefully for what seems like forever as you try to stir up a conversation. He makes a few pointed comments about the world today, but their targets are strangely vague.

He could be talking about the gangs, the corporations, or even the church you're standing in. But he clearly believes someone has ruined things… and there's even an edge that suggests he thinks they need to pay.

Or, in Midgard security outfit:

He tips an imaginary hat towards you and says "officer," continuing on his walk without missing a step.

Or, in priest outfit:

He bows his head a bit as you approach. "Thanks for talking with me. Things aren't great with the family… Sofia, my daughter, she… I think she's fallen in with a bad crowd."

"She's pretending a friend of her disappeared and the school's covering it up. And I found some pills. I think it's that Eclipse people keep talking about."

"Her mother, Elena, she thinks it's just a phase, but… well, I'm having a hard time convincing Sofia to even leave the cathedral. If you could help…

He seems to feel better for having unburdened himself.

You've earned 3 XP in Will

Unlocks Sofia's Problems and Sharply Dressed Wife encounters.

Or, in priest outfit, after helping Sofia:

He bows his head a bit as you approach. "Thanks for talking with me. Things weren't doing great with the family, but I think my daughter shook herself out of it."

"I was worried my daughter was drifting away from me, maybe getting into that Third Eye shit. But it seems like she's doing better now."

He smiles a bit, although it looks strange on his face. "Just a phase, I guess."

He seems to feel better for having unburdened himself.

You've earned 3 XP in Will

Fight him

He draws a gun with years of practice in his stance and a calm willingness to kill in his eyes, but you get the feeling he's past his prime.

(Fight Family Man; no effect if you lose/run away; permanently kills him if you win?)

Leave him be

He doesn't bother to speak, letting you pass by in comfortable silence.

(Walk Away)

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